Vehicle Forecast Database

CORAM-AUTOMOTIVE is a worldwide sales vehicle forecast database at a very competitive price.

Therefore, the database covers 80% of the global worldwide automotive sales and 80% of the European car sales. In addition, the database covers more than 60 groups, 150 manufacturers (including JV in China), 140 brands and 1500 models. The forecasts are provided for the next 5 years.

The following countries are included in the database:
*Germany, France, UK, Spain, Italy
*Austria, Switzerland, Rep Czech, Netherlands, Sweden
Additionnal countries will be added on a regular basis or on customer’s request.

Furthermore, eight bodystyles (Hatchback, Sedan, Estate, Sport, Mpv, Suv, Pick-up and Van) allows an accurate definition of the models. Similarly, the identification of the energy improves the accuracy of the powertrain. Therefore, the electric vehicles (BEV), the plugin vehicles (PHEV) and the fuel-cell vehicles (FCEV) are identified beside the Internal Combution Engine (ICE) models.

The Excel format of the database enables a quick handle of the database and an easy integration in your system. 

Data are available for a country, for a region or for the world.

In conclusion, the database provides a worldwide car forecast database at a very competitive price.

Please feel free to visit our product section or to contact us and we will be pleased to provide you with more information.