World Car Market Forecast 2021


World Car Market Forecast  provides the monthly forecasts for the 60 main markets with the split of Personal Cars and Commercial Vehicles when available. Historical monthly sales are provided with long term series. The following countries are taken into account counting for more than 95% of the world registration :

  • Argentina, Australia, Austria
  • Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil
  • Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus
  • Denmark,
  • Estonia, Ecuador
  • Finland, France,
  • Germany, Greece, Hungary, Hong Kong
  • India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Iran
  • Japan,
  • South Korea,
  • Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg,
  • Malaysia, Mexico,
  • Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand,
  • Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal,
  • Romania, Russian Federation,
  • Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,
  • Thailand, Turkey, Taiwan
  • Ukraine,
  • United Kingdom, United States,
  • Vietnam, South Africa

The file is available for free downloading in the Home page