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CORAM is a company dedicated to market analysis and forecasts since 1984.
CORAM is regularly cooperating with Market Intelligence department of several industrial sectors.

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World Car Sales Forecast : April 2021

World Car Sales Forecast 2021 is an increase of 13.5% to 83 millions of vehicles. In April 2021 the world ...
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vehicles in use

Vehicles in use 2020

The Vehicles in use 2020 has just been released by CORAM. The vehicles fleet for more than 200 countries are ...
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crude oil price

Crude Oil Price | June 2020

The WTI oil crude decreases by 16,4 % to 38,3 US$ in June 2020. YTD price decreases by 20,5% to ...
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vehicle forecast database


CORAM launches the CORAM-AUTOMOTIVE database in March 2020. The vehicle forecast database covers 80% of the light vehicle sales for ...
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World car market ranking

World Car Sales Forecast : June 2019

World Car Sales Forecast for 2019 is a decrease of 5,8% to 82 millions of vehicles. In June the world ...
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